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Get a Baby Through Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy delivers a chance for families with fertility difficulties. Surrogacy is when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the couple who want to have a child.


Couple may arrange a surrogate pregnancy because of female infertility

Surrogacy is being done on couples whose wife has no uterus, uterus surgically removed, or huge fibroids in the uterus or when they have some developmental anomaly in the uterus - like double uterus/ half uterus.

India is a main destination for surrogacy. Indian surrogates have been increasingly popular with fertile couples in industrialized nations because of the relatively low cost. Indian clinics are at the same time becoming more competitive, not just in the pricing, but in the hiring and retention of Indian females as surrogates.

Types Of Surrogacy
Traditional Surrogacy 
Traditional Surrogacy is an arrangement where a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver for a contracted party as genetic mother through IUI.
Gestational surrogacy
In gestational surrogacy a female host is implanted with an embryo to which she has no right, and carries the resulting child to term as biological mother.

True / Commercial Surrogacy
True / Commercial Surrogacy if the gestational carrier gets compensated for carrying and delivering the child. If the gestational carrier receives no compensation, the arrangement is referred to as an altruistic surrogacy, done by a friend for the intended parent(s).

How does surrogacy work?
Full - Gestational surrogacy involves the implantation of an embryo created using either:
  • the eggs and sperm of the intended parents
  • a donated egg fertilized with sperm from the intended father
  • an embryo created using donor eggs and sperm
Partial surrogacy (also known as Traditional surrogacy) - Partial surrogacy involves sperm from the intended father and an egg from the surrogate. Here fertilization is (usually) done by artificial insemination or intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Surrogacy in India is of low cost and the laws are flexible. We are legally extending our service to any of the surrogacy procedures for the needy couples to achieve their lifetime ambition through ART.

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