Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Surrogacy - An Alternative to Creating Families

Infertility is not such a rare problem anymore. Do you want to have kids and are unable to conceive? Despite of infertility, you still can have hopes of becoming parents? Here comes Surrogacy.

Surrogacy is one of the fast evolving means of assisted reproduction. It is gaining popularity as it is of immense help to those who do not want to become pregnant or who cannot conceive due to various medical issues. It is also a boon for gay or lesbian couples.

Surrogacy is a non-direct medical alternative to traditional IVF treatment. Surrogacy comes in two forms. In the first, Traditional surrogacy a woman agrees to be artificially inseminated with donor sperm and carries the baby to term. The surrogate female is directly related to the baby, its mother.

When can a surrogacy take place?
The following conditions must be fulfilled before we can offer you surrogacy as a treatment option:
  • The intending parent has a defined medical disorder that makes it impossible or unacceptably dangerous to carry a baby in her uterus.
  • The surrogate is older than 25, and younger than the age of natural menopause (52 years of age). This may be increased slightly to 55 in the unique situation of a surrogate who is the mother or mother-in-law of the intending parent.
  • The surrogate must have already given birth to a healthy child of her own.
  • The surrogate does not have a past history of pregnancy-related illnesses or complications.
Advantages of Surrogacy
  • A Good Alternative to Adoption
  • Cells of the Parents Used for Conception
  • Confidential and Protected
  • For gay male couples, surrogacy offers a route to parenthood
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