Tuesday, 9 April 2019

What Are The Common Misconceptions About IVF?

Pregnancy success rates have improved because of major advances in fertility treatment. IVF is now more mainstream and accessible. However, there are still many misconceptions about IVF.

Myth #1: IVF diminishes your ovarian reserve.

Your body recruits a group of eggs at the beginning of each cycle that could get stimulated that month. Normally only one ovulates and matures, while the others die. All the eggs that are naturally recruited that month get stimulated with IVF, so they all get an opportunity to mature. Nothing happens to the other eggs that are in the ovaries.

Myth #2: Ovarian stimulation might lead to cancer.

It is safe for an egg donor to donate eggs up to six cycles.

Myth #3: In IVF there is little control of ovarian hyperstimulation.

It is possible to predict the right dose of medications using simple ways. The ovarian response is controlled by dose adjustments in real time. Further, to facilitate an effective and safe release of eggs different medications can be used. An experienced IVF center is skilled at prevention. Since it is easily and effectively managed, a patient with ovarian hyperstimulation is rarely hospitalized today.

Myth #4: There is a higher risk of multiple gestations (twins, triplets, or more) with IVF.

It is possible to control the number of embryos to be implanted during IVF treatment. But this is not possible with oral or injectable medications with intercourse or insemination.

With continuous research and innovation, and advances in technology there are now very effective ways to reduce the risk of multiples, prevent ovarian hyperstimulation, and choose the best and healthiest embryos to result in a pregnancy.

It is best to not allow the myths to influence your decision making when it comes to fertility treatment. To get the information you need to determine if fertility treatment is the right option for you to talk to a fertility specialist.

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