Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Getting Pregnant: Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) A Viable Option

Couples who find getting pregnant difficult have various options as far as increasing their chances of having a baby is concerned. Some of the medical interventions that women opt for are risky, while others are not as risky but usually prove to be not as effective. IUI is one of the methods through which one can increase the chances of getting pregnant. Many women have opted to have the procedure with most registering positive results. 

IUI is separation of good quality sperms from the semen and deposition of these sperms into the uterine cavity. The procedure selects sperms with better quality, avoids the harmful effects of acidic medium to the sperms and fascilitates the movement of sperms to the fallopiantubes where they can meet the oocyte.

IUI fertility treatment works by using a catheter to help insert cleaned sperm cell into the uterus. This technique improves the possibilities of sperm cell getting to the fallopian tubes, which will improve the possibility of fertilization.

How does IUI works?

           For women:

Step 1: If you use fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation, vaginal ultrasound scans are used to track the development of your eggs. As soon as an egg is mature, you are given a hormone injection to stimulate its release.
Step 2: The sperm are inserted 36 to 40 hours later. To do this, the doctor first insert a speculum into your vagina.

    For men:

Step 1.You will be asked to produce a sperm sample on the day the treatment takes place.

Step 2.The sperm are washed to remove the fluid surrounding them and the rapidly moving sperm separated out.
Step 3.The rapidly moving sperm are placed in a small catheter (tube) to be inserted into the womb.

Advantages :

The advantage of using IUI to get pregnant is that it is a less invasive procedure, especially when compared to other assisted reproduction technologies such as GIFT, ZIFT and IVF. This means that performing the procedure is likely to pose fewer risks to the woman who wants to get pregnant. It also means that there will almost be no need for long recovery periods within which pregnant women take to heal. This method is far cheaper than some other ART systems.

Cost ofIUI treatment in India is less than other countries. Genesis fertility research center, Erode is one of the best fertility clinic in India. We offers many fertility treatments at affordable rate. Treatments are done under the guidance of Dr.Nirmala Sadasivam.

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