Tuesday, 22 August 2017

IVF - Helping you in your dream of a family

IVF is commonly known as In vitro fertilization. IVF is a highly used fertility treatment technique that uses nearly 99 percent of assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures. The verbatim meaning of In vitro fertilization (IVF) is “fertilization in glass” or “test tube baby”. 



IVF Treatment Procedure

The process of IVF includes collection of the sperms from the male and collection of the eggs from the female ovaries at the same time. The collected sperms and eggs are then fertilized in the laboratory environment at the controlled temperature. Later, the fertilized eggs (embryos) are evaluated on the quality basis and the best embryo is implanted in the female womb to make her conceive. In Vitro Fertilization is a perfect option for infertility or genetic problems.

IVF has improved techniques, successful track record, and no risk of having cancer. It is a time consuming but provides full results and satisfaction. IVF is usually done when other treatments like fertility drugs, medication, artificial insemination and surgery fails. The rate of success completely depends on the certain factors such as maternal age, reproductive history, causes of infertility, and other lifestyle factors.

IVF is very common but somewhere it is a complicated process.  IVF have certain risk factors such as miscarriages, multiple pregnancies, or chances of infections. Women below the age of 35 years and treating with IVF have greater chances of conceiving than those beyond that age.


Risk Factor

The risk associated with IVF includes multiple pregnancies, miscarriages, premature deliveries, ectopic pregnancy, low birth weight, over stimulated ovaries, infections, and bleeding.

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