Friday, 24 October 2014

Capsule baby Treatment Tamilnadu

To become a father or mother in life is one of the dream for all of us.Unfortunately so many couples in the world can't full fill their dream due to infertility problems.To solve these infertility problems,we can choose available infertility treatments as our need.

What is capsule baby Treatment?

In vitro fertilization is very expensive in the infertility treatments world.So here comes INVO procedure.INVO is a simple and low cost effective assisted reproduction technology.The eggs and sperms are combined in a device named INVOcell and it is placed in vaginal cavity where they remain 3days.In this procedure INVOcell used to cultivation of embryos inside the vaginal cavity.

Advantages of capsule baby Treatment
  • There is no need for a complex laboratory.
  • After the treatment conception and early embryo development take place in woman naturally.
  • This is a low cost infertility treatment to achieve pregnancy.
  • This is better than IVF procedure.
 To know the details of capsule baby Treatment and the Test tube Baby Centre Tamilnadu in India 

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