Friday, 17 April 2015

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

The process of fertilizing egg and sperm outside the body is known as IVF.The meaning of invitro means the glass ,because the early experiments are done in the glass containers like beakers or test tubes.Then the resulting babies are known as  test tube babies. IVF are suggested to both men & woman.

                      The IVF process involves hormonal stimulation of ovarian follicles to boost the eggs production .Then the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries.Then the fresh sperm is provided by the partner.the sperm of donor is used then they are removed from the frozen storage.Then they are mixed with partners or donors sperm in the laboratory for 14 to 18 hours after that they are checked if fertilization has occurred.The fertilized egg is  known as embryo.Then the best embryo is selected and then it is deposited to the womans womb. When womens age is below 40 ,one or two embryos are transferred, the age is more than 40 up to 4 embryos can be transferred .Then there is risk to multiple births.There is a chance to multiple births.

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